25.12. Snow Come! 5pm on Colaboradio

Dears, it’s been a while since we saw snow in Berlin and until to date I failed to record any ‚x-messy‘ songs. „Snow Come!“ features a mix of two former shows, both dedicated to the North in its widest sense. From musings about the color ‚white‘ to sleigh rides and Icelandic elves: This show provides for lots of snow, frost and ice sounds and tales relating to them.

  • 25th of December
  • Colaboradio, 88.4 Berlin and 90.7 in Potsdam
  • or online: https://piradio.de/studio-colaboradio/
  • 5 pm

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22.12: Noisy Christmas in HR2

Once upon a time Christmas might have been a time for silent contemplation – I doubt it. „Noisy Christmas“ doesn’t even pretend so and lends its ear to noise of the madding crowds at various X-mas markets around the world. Happy to say that I contributed to this show which will be presented by Stefan Fricke at „The Artist’s Corner“ in HR2 Kultur on the 22nd Dec, 11 pm.

  • HR 2 Kultur, Artists Corner
  • 22 Dec. 2018
  • 11 pm
  • Artists: various (will be filled in as soon as I know)
  • Presenter: Stefan Fricke
  • Link: https://www.hr2.de/literatur/hoerspiel-feature/the-artists-corner–noisy-christmas—weihnachtsmarkt-soundscape-diverser-klangkuenstlerinnen-und-klangkuenstler,epg-the-artists-corner-230.html

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New Production: The Island Girl

Kate Donovan and Freddy Emmanuel lend their voices to my new (performance) radio play The Island Girl. We had a great afternoon recording in the backroom of the Kapital in Neu-Koelln, despite the occasional toilet flush from the flat above :)


„The Island Girl „will be introduced at the Jahresausklangfestival of the Hörbar in Hamburg, 28th of Dec 2018.


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27th Nov 5pm: Record Covers & The Music Inside


Here comes #4 of „Record Covers (And The Music Inside)“:

27th of November
5-6 pm
CoLaboRadio on 88,4 Berlin/90,7 Potsdam
Tune in and enjoy puzzled Ms Schaffner figuring out what is displayed on these ominous, 30×30 cm sized squares. This time they were hijacked out of the shelf of another friend. Descriptions will entail weird or straight typo, semi-dark titles or sleeves, some „wunderliches“ German Zeugs and other controlled hallucinations.

Thank you, Suse!!!


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23. October 10pm: Wedding-Texas. Hin und zurück

Where was I? And where was I, again?

Ms Schaffner is pleased to announce her upcoming radio show on

Colaboradio, this Tuesday, 23rd October,
10 pm, on 88.4 Berlin and 90.7 Potsdam

Wedding – Texas. Hin und Zurück.
A conversation about a journey not so long ago. With Tina Marie Friedrich.
Lobo Butt Light
A sound story from the deep Southwest

Unknown Mexican band playing in Juarez, excerpt of Leonard Cohen song performed by Eick Hoemann, Frankfurt/Main; modified sample from concert by Ben Sheffler, Austin. „Frozen Warnings“ by Nico/John Cale performed by Hank Topless. All concerts’s location: Lobo, Texas.

The Commerce of the Prairies. Josiah Gregg. Edited by Milo Milton Quaife.
University of Nebraska Press. 1926/1967
Read by John Howard Ernst, New Jersey, on occasion of our re-meeting in town of Terlingua.

Locations: Lobo, Valentine, Marfa, Marathon, Mexico
Recordings and Composition: Gabi Schaffner 2018

Special thanks to Tina Marie and John!!!

More Info for people who like to read more text:

Horizons and skies, crickets singing in the mesquite bushes and the Southern Pacific passing at a close distance: The town of Lobo next to the highway 90 comprises nine houses, a motel, a gas station and for most time in the course of years it lies in dreamy silence. Yet, for 4 days this September, it sprouted a three-day cinematic and music festival that attracted travelers and artists alike.
Twenty miles further to the East lies Valentine, once inhabited by about 3000 people,  with lovers coming from wide and far to have their post cards stamped there for Valentines Day.
A creaking windmill in the fields, a Mexican band playing, the Southern Pacific…: The sounds of the South Texan prairie revolve around notions of transit and distance, of silence and feast, labour, car maintenance and weather, crisscrossed at irregular intervals by the hooting and rattling locomotives.

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29. 10., DLF: Anagrammlandschaften zur Arbeitswelt

Some say, anagrams are „nonsense“, I say they reveal „the other side-potential“ of our vocabularies. Take the world of employment, for example. One may not have thought of a „mushroom sensor“, a  „lightning aside“ or, quite philosophically, of „fissility time“ while seated at one’s work station. Yet, they exist… (here in German language). Horror and bliss, angst, ozone hospitals and hateful socks are waiting for you:

In Kurzstrecke #79 on the 29th October, ten brandnew „Anagrammatic Work Place Scapes“ will be presented. These pieces are funny, semi-cynical, weird… and painlessly short: 45 sec > „Anagrammlandschaften zur Arbeitswelt“.

Don’t weep if you don’t understand the language! There is music too (derived from the fabulous chance-operated letter-to-note melody generator P22) and unreal speakers.

Online and on air retrievable within the format „Wurfsendung“.

Kurzstrecke ’79, Deutschlandfunk Kultur
Date: 29. October 2018
Time: 0:05
Presenter: Julia Tieke. Wurfsendung. DLF Kultur
Concept & Compositions: Gabi Schaffner

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26. 10. DLF: Der Tapir im Birkenwald

Ms Schaffner is pleased to say that her radio feature on the Finnish artist and documentary filmer Erkki Pirtola will be re-broadcast on the 26th October 2018! Erkki died way too early in January 2016. This radio show pays homage to his life and work about Finnish outsider art. Language is German, yet there is also English and Finnish, sounds and music. If you get lost: Enjoy it!

Date: 26th October
Time: 20:10
Broadcasting Station: DLF Kultur
Produced by: Tina Klopp

German Press Text:

Ist es Volkskunst, Wahnsinn oder Methode? Am 23. Januar 2016 starb der finnische Performancekünstler und Vorreiter von ITE, Erkki Pirtola. Mehr als 30 Jahre seines Schaffens widmete er ITE – einer Kunstrichtung, die in den Tiefen der finnischen Wälder und Tundren ein einzigartiges Dasein fristet.

Der Begriff ITE, kurz für „Itse Tehti Elämä“ – selbst gemachtes Leben – fasst Kunst und Leben, Mensch und Natur in eine Formel, die sich in außergewöhnlichen und oft surrealen Kunstwerken manifestiert.

ITE ist billiges Blech oder geflochtene Birkenrinde, ITE ist trashig und transzendental zugleich, ITE ist von Aliens inspiriert oder vom Geist der Vorfahren, ITE kann ein Möbel sein, ein Löffel, ein Tapir aus Metall im Birkenwald oder eine einzelne, durch den Raum gespannte Saite.

Pirtola erhielt für sein Werk 2011 den Staatspreis der Bildenden Künste Finnland. Anhand von Interviews und Tonmaterial, das während einer langen gemeinsamen Reise entstand, entwirft die Autorin ein Porträt des Künstlers und der ITE-Kunst.

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28.7. Unearthing the Archive

Exhibition starts today in Berlin: Earthy extracts from the Datscha Radio archives, wall paintings, drawing, text and an audio loop broadcast on 91.7. By Gabi Schaffner, Kate Donovan, Niki Matita and Helen Thein. Support: Tina-Marie Friedrich.

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26.06. On Air 7pm: Record Covers!

Tune in and enjoy puzzled Ms Schaffner figuring out what is displayed on these ominous, 30×30 cm sized squares. This time they were retrieved from a friend’s treasure vault and they feel… well… „plushy!“.

Within the frame of illustrious CoLaboRadio’s Tuesday program

Date/Time/Place: 26th June/7pm/Das Kapital, Berlin
Frequency/online listening: 88,4/

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23.5. Die Gemäldeakustikerin im SWR

Nominated for the Berliner Hörspielfestival and now soon on the airwaves: Die Gemäldeakustikerin [The Painting’s Acoustician] (remix!) will be featured within the show „Tandem“ in SWR2, presented by Katrin Zipse.

When: 23. May 2018
Station: SWR2
Time: 7:05 pm

About: Ruth Claussen’s job is a  bit special: She cleans the paintings of the big museums from acoustic dirt and remnants left behind by the visitors. And she can hear the paintings talk…

Speakers: Michaela Schimun, Mathias Scheliga
Further Speakers: Lyndsey Buckingham, Tanja Nittka, Ulrike Stöhring, Sebastien Terrie, Gabi Schaffner

Text, Recordings & Mixing: Gabi Schaffner

Note: This version is a variated remix of the Audio Guide Staedel Version 2015
Additional material from freesound.org: „Slow Trumpet“, by: unfa, „Creepy Classical Vinyl Glitched“ by: notembug, „Clicking Dial“ by: Zott 820

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