28.7. Unearthing the Archive

Exhibition starts today in Berlin: Earthy extracts from the Datscha Radio archives, wall paintings, drawing, text and an audio loop broadcast on 91.7. By Gabi Schaffner, Kate Donovan, Niki Matita and Helen Thein. Support: Tina-Marie Friedrich.

28. Juli 2018 von rawaudio
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26.06. On Air 7pm: Record Covers!

Tune in and enjoy puzzled Ms Schaffner figuring out what is displayed on these ominous, 30×30 cm sized squares. This time they were retrieved from a friend’s treasure vault and they feel… well… „plushy!“.

Within the frame of illustrious CoLaboRadio’s Tuesday program

Date/Time/Place: 26th June/7pm/Das Kapital, Berlin
Frequency/online listening: 88,4/

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23.5. Die Gemäldeakustikerin im SWR

Nominated for the Berliner Hörspielfestival and now soon on the airwaves: Die Gemäldeakustikerin [The Painting’s Acoustician] (remix!) will be featured within the show „Tandem“ in SWR2, presented by Katrin Zipse.

When: 23. May 2018
Station: SWR2
Time: 7:05 pm

About: Ruth Claussen’s job is a  bit special: She cleans the paintings of the big museums from acoustic dirt and remnants left behind by the visitors. And she can hear the paintings talk…

Speakers: Michaela Schimun, Mathias Scheliga
Further Speakers: Lyndsey Buckingham, Tanja Nittka, Ulrike Stöhring, Sebastien Terrie, Gabi Schaffner

Text, Recordings & Mixing: Gabi Schaffner

Note: This version is a variated remix of the Audio Guide Staedel Version 2015
Additional material from freesound.org: „Slow Trumpet“, by: unfa, „Creepy Classical Vinyl Glitched“ by: notembug, „Clicking Dial“ by: Zott 820

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Skin Rubbed Smooth

coconutPleased to say that my piece „Coconut Milk Massage“ was accepted for Joan Schuman’s „Skin Rubbed Smooth“ sound art compilation. There are 14 more artists and it’s well worth exploring the site – least but not last for the excellently written texts there! http://www.earlid.org/posts/skin-rubbed-smooth/

Earlid’s fourth annual Liminal Sounds listens to short works with a focus on what lies beneath, skin next to other skins, the outer interior of objects, excised stories.

Listen for the palimpsest of bodies and cities and snow; the skin of audio tape; objects rubbed relentlessly. The very texture can be held in the hands, turned like pages. Parchment is respected for its once belonging to part of a living creature; roe deer running, caught by traffic or a hunter’s gun. The surface has the imprint of veins, grain of the skin, layers of translucent collagen. Its opacity sits below the surface, like a shallow pool.

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19.-25. March: Show on Radia.fm


Almost to late… but then there are the radia.fm archives! Verena Kuni of radio x/Frankfurt invited me to present the Resounding Bangalore show (radia edit).


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13.2.@Titanik/Turku: Resounding Bangalore

Resounding Bangalore

“Resounding Bangalore” is a 25 minute sound collage that assembles selected field recordings of the city (and some rural locations) into a four-dimensional sound field.

Date: 13. February 2018
Place: Titanik Gallery. Itäinen Rantakatu 8. 20700 Turku, Finland
Time: 6pm

While the acoustical backdrop consists of two ordinary speakers, a low-range radio transmitter broadcasts a parallel track simultaneously. For the performance at Titanik, the radio part gets adapted to a set-up with speakers only.

Disguised as a local radio program (containing samples of Bangalorian radio, static, selected poetry and snippets of local interviews), the parallel track makes the soundscape spatially extend into the audience.

“Resounding Bangalore” is an invitation to cherish an indigenous sound world played back through the ears of a “stranger”. In my work this cultural information becomes often framed as musical concepts. The interplay of distance and difference resounds as a multileveled choir of codes that may be read differently.


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Pre-order Radiorevolten Book now!

rr_artbookDears, check this out:

30 days of radio art in Halle are just now being transformed into a book!  This is so great I need to share it.



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Open Call Radio Gardening Madrid


Dear Friends of Radio and (Spanish!)Gardening,

Here comes an invitation and Open Call on behalf of my upcoming „Radio Gardening“ residency at the Media Lab in Madrid in late February. Feel invited to contribute, discuss, comment and/or share.

You’ll find more info here: Convocatoria colaboración Datscha-Radio

For those (including myself) who want/need/dream of learning Spanish the In-Sonora team made a fine translation of our Datscha Radio 17 festival documentation… enjoy :)

29. Januar 2018 von rawaudio
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On the Radio: Documentarist_extended version

Today, 5 pm on Colaboradio: Der Wahnsinn des Dokumentaristen… in erweiterter Fassung mit einigen mehr oder weniger seltsamen Feldaufnahmen (oder nicht) zu Winter und Wahn.
Language: de :)



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HNY 2018


Looking forward to a refreshing New Year… here  with a much cherished pic of a Queen of the Night.

Soon more news:  either about snow/spring time in South Finland, or,  thereafter, with sounds and seeds and radio from Medialab Prado :)

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