29. 10., DLF: Anagrammlandschaften zur Arbeitswelt

Some say, anagrams are „nonsense“, I say they reveal „the other side-potential“ of our vocabularies. Take the world of employment, for example. One may not have thought of a „mushroom sensor“, a  „lightning aside“ or, quite philosophically, of „fissility time“ while seated at one’s work station. Yet, they exist… (here in German language). Horror and bliss, angst, ozone hospitals and hateful socks are waiting for you:

In Kurzstrecke #79 on the 29th October, ten brandnew „Anagrammatic Work Place Scapes“ will be presented. These pieces are funny, semi-cynical, weird… and painlessly short: 45 sec > „Anagrammlandschaften zur Arbeitswelt“.

Don’t weep if you don’t understand the language! There is music too (derived from the fabulous chance-operated letter-to-note melody generator P22) and unreal speakers.

Online and on air retrievable within the format „Wurfsendung“.

Kurzstrecke ’79, Deutschlandfunk Kultur
Date: 29. October 2018
Time: 0:05
Presenter: Julia Tieke. Wurfsendung. DLF Kultur
Concept & Compositions: Gabi Schaffner

07. Oktober 2018 von rawaudio
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