23. October 10pm: Wedding-Texas. Hin und zurück

Where was I? And where was I, again?

Ms Schaffner is pleased to announce her upcoming radio show on

Colaboradio, this Tuesday, 23rd October,
10 pm, on 88.4 Berlin and 90.7 Potsdam

Wedding – Texas. Hin und Zurück.
A conversation about a journey not so long ago. With Tina Marie Friedrich.
Lobo Butt Light
A sound story from the deep Southwest

Unknown Mexican band playing in Juarez, excerpt of Leonard Cohen song performed by Eick Hoemann, Frankfurt/Main; modified sample from concert by Ben Sheffler, Austin. „Frozen Warnings“ by Nico/John Cale performed by Hank Topless. All concerts’s location: Lobo, Texas.

The Commerce of the Prairies. Josiah Gregg. Edited by Milo Milton Quaife.
University of Nebraska Press. 1926/1967
Read by John Howard Ernst, New Jersey, on occasion of our re-meeting in town of Terlingua.

Locations: Lobo, Valentine, Marfa, Marathon, Mexico
Recordings and Composition: Gabi Schaffner 2018

Special thanks to Tina Marie and John!!!

More Info for people who like to read more text:

Horizons and skies, crickets singing in the mesquite bushes and the Southern Pacific passing at a close distance: The town of Lobo next to the highway 90 comprises nine houses, a motel, a gas station and for most time in the course of years it lies in dreamy silence. Yet, for 4 days this September, it sprouted a three-day cinematic and music festival that attracted travelers and artists alike.
Twenty miles further to the East lies Valentine, once inhabited by about 3000 people,  with lovers coming from wide and far to have their post cards stamped there for Valentines Day.
A creaking windmill in the fields, a Mexican band playing, the Southern Pacific…: The sounds of the South Texan prairie revolve around notions of transit and distance, of silence and feast, labour, car maintenance and weather, crisscrossed at irregular intervals by the hooting and rattling locomotives.

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