• Square, circle, amoebae – possible models of field recording and the auratic fake . Gabi Schaffner, 2006/2009.
    View as pdf: square
  • The Madness of the Documentarist. Published in field notes #2, gruenrekorder. For full version of the pdf, please visit gruenrekorder.
    View pdf: madness of the documentarist
  • A bird – a ghost – a machine. Essay on gruenrekorder music and fieldrecording in relation to nature and artificiality. Gabi Schaffner, 2006
    View as pdf: a_bird_a_ghost

Publications / Editions

3-lingual hand-manufactured edition.Number of copies: 15
Originally produced for the 1-day exhibition „Through the Grapewine“, Titanic Gallery Turku, 29th of May 2011.

2013    In preparation: “Otto Mötö”, Vinyl-LP.

Forthcoming: “Musiques D’Orion”. Vinyl. Entr’acte, London/Antwerp

2011    Snow walks and other Pieces. Compilation. Muu4Ears, Helsinki 2011

2009    The Madness of the Documentarist/Der Wahnsinn des Dokumentaristen. Download: http://www.gruenrekorder/fieldnotes2 (D, GB)
Quadrat, Kreis, Amöbe – mögliche Modelle der Feldaufnahme und der auratische Fake. In: Not Berlin and not Shanghai. Hrsg. M. Schieren, K. Einfeldt. Transcript Verlag 2009

2006    Music for Bathrooms and Toilets. Pre-Release CD. Edition Doppelzimmer, Gießen

2005    A bird a ghost a machine.  Essay. In: Gruenrekorder Audio Art Compilation #2 (CD),

2005    Finnish Snow-Walks & Dances (LP); Raw Audio bei gruenrekorder, Helsinki/Hamburg