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10.12. Stranger than Paradise/Moonshiner

STRANGER THAN PARADISE: 5 hours of sound, radio play snippets, good old turntable DJing ranging from Yakutian symphonies to minimal Finnish electronica: Geranium blonde aks Ms Schaffner will travel to Franfurt/Main with some of her favorite vinyls and random hard … Weiterlesen

05. Dezember 2017 von rawaudio
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One day two shows 1: Record Covers

3 pm, 88.4. Tue. 24. Januray. COLABORADIO / Pi-Radio: Ms Schaffner has rummaged through her vinyls and bought some other ones at the fleamarket. You will hear her describe various covers (following no special order… or?) and then she plays … Weiterlesen

23. Januar 2017 von rawaudio
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Geranium blonde plays: Five Wonky Hours to „Paradis de Hell“ and (hopefully) back.

Staged at the Phoenix BB in Berlin-Wedding a most notable exhibition will take place: Paradis de Hell, showcasing the works of Mathias Deutsch (Berlin) and Dirk Heiden (Cologne). Geranium blonde has been assigned to cater to the musical taste of … Weiterlesen

26. November 2012 von rawaudio
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