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11.07. Addicted2Random Broadcast

Addicted2Random 10-13. July 2013 in Halle (Saale) The A2R festival, organized by radio corax, Halle,  will start on the 10th of July 2013. Among many other contributions, most interesting discussions, live-concerts and performances, Ms. Schaffner’s tracks „Waterwardens“ and „Wash Your … Weiterlesen

08. Juli 2013 von rawaudio
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Music for Bathrooms and Toilets

Music for Bathrooms and Toilets (2006/2012)   This album explores the intriguing melodies of running water within the human habitat. The CD presents a compilation of bathroom recordings and mixed audio material. Some pieces have been cut with samples from other … Weiterlesen

04. Oktober 2012 von rawaudio
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